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Restoring Removed Files Linux TestDisk

Restoring removed files (rm -rf) in Linux with TestDisk

There are odd times where we would have accidentally deleted some important folders without having any actual backup. It happened to us, one of our team members on the way to remove a symbolic link, accidentally deleted a web folder using rm -rf, though we normally maintain GIT repo, for this temporary project, we did not. So we had to restore it though initially, it looked gloomy. I stumbled upon "extundelete" but that could not restore any important files. Then we tried

Tripwire detecting intrusions

How we managed to use Tripwire for detecting intrusions

We all should be aware that security is very important for our servers. Having informed about the changes to server file system is always important, as unauthorized access could very well breach security. Here comes our saviour Open Source Tripwire, which is a free security and data integrity tool useful for monitoring and alerting on specific file change(s) on a range of systems. 

Open Source Tripwire functions as a host-based intrusion detection system. It detects changes to file system objects and alerts the server administrator.

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How to reinstall MS fonts in Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu has been my choice of Operating System since college days. Though it offers best package and configuration that works out of the box for most of the cases, there are a few things need to be done manually after the installation. It includes installing proprietary drivers, audio/video codec, Skype, Google Chrome, etc. 

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Installing emesene in Ubuntu/ Debian

Recently we migrated our business email accounts from Google App to Microsoft live (Hotmail). We had to find a chat client to leverage the Instant messaging (IM) feature available in MS live. Needless to say that IM is an essential stuff needed as a part of daily work for most of us in Web development.

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