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Drupal Single Page Site

Create single page site in drupal 8 within 15 minutes

We all know that the Drupal setup and installation are easy, and one-click installation is also available in most of the hosting services, but the tricky part is theming the drupal site. It would take some time to design the site to make it look more professional.

In this blog, I am going to show you how to build a single page drupal site within 15 minutes with a good looking theme.

Kickstart dropthemes kickstart offer!

We are amazed, it’s just 50 days from our kickstart, has been a leading site for buying and selling Drupal professional themes. With 1000+ average page views per day, we are surpassing 850+ downloads and 150 users as of now. This user response vitalizes us. We hope our platform will help many Drupal Themers to showcase their talent and skills.

To thank users for their interest in, we are happy to announce the “Zero fee” offer. Grab this chance to sell your creative themes in our websites and get your 100% on your first payout!


Drop themes announcement

Pleased to announce the launch of

We are happy to announce the launch of, an online marketplace where Drupal themes can be sold by anyone and everyone; Drupal Themers can sign up, upload and sell their own themes! Our platform will enable both site builders and Themers take a step closer towards their wants and needs. is a perfect stage for designers to showcase their talent and skills. Each and every theme is scrutinized and reviewed up till the very edge by our moderators and ensure the best congruency with Drupal framework.

Forbid Zooming in Mobile, Tablet Devices

We all have cognizance about the concepts behind the Responsive Design, this makes us to just use one site across all devices like Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone and even Phablet.

sabareesh Wed, 07/03/2013 - 01:35
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lightbox2 with nodes

Display nodes with Lightbox2

Lightbox a powerful module in Drupal arena., proved its mastery once again! I was involved in trying to find a way to display nodes in popup, the apparent module that struck my way was Colorbox-Node. Things looked as if it would be a cake-walk but went beyond what I thought. The Colorbox-Node holds the ability to display nodes in overlay effect, but it needs huge template and jQuery level customization.


How to display views result count in Drupal 7

Views one of the prevailing modules in Drupal. It has the competence to dwindle manual work of pulling the data from Drupal table and formatting them to meet our needs. Most of the developers might have known about the filter and the sort criterion in the views, but only a few know the exact way to display the current items and total result count in this view. Does this requires acquaintance with coding? Apparently yes, but not as tedious as one would imagine. All it needs is a single line PHP print statement in view's template file.

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Drupal : Disable sticky header behavior of theme_table()

Lately I have been working on a potential Drupal 6 project that needs displaying information in a formatted table structure. Needless to say I have been using a lot of pager_query() and theme_table(). Yes, I do understand the benefits of hook_views_data() but this is a different case.

One thing I found to be annoying about theme_table() is it's default behavior of adding sticky table header and not having an argument that can be passed to disable it when needed as introduced in D7

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