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Forbid Zooming in Mobile, Tablet Devices

We all have cognizance about the concepts behind the Responsive Design, this makes us to just use one site across all devices like Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone and even Phablet.

sabareesh Wed, 07/03/2013 - 01:35
knackforge blog knowledge base
knackforge blog knowledge base

How to redirect a user to mobile site?

Drupal has the ability to do anything, mainly because of the power it tends to provide with its modules. It is not the requirement that makes the situation, it is the pick that makes the gamble interesting. The above statement proved that I was no exception in one of my recent works. The task that I faced was to redirect a user to the mobile site in case of access from a mobile device. Simple, isn't it? I thought the same and had a huge leap forward, just to face disillusion.

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