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Embed Html Page with Menu Display handler in Node

Recently I have done some interesting task in my project, my client wants to embed html page into drupal node. So they can show the well-designed html pages with drupal external functionalities(menus, block in the sidebar, footer). It is an easy one to develop it. I have done it in the following ways,

Multi-level menu

Create Multi-level Bootstrap menu in Drupal 8

Bootstrap has recently removed the sub-menu features from version 3.x, so it won’t support the multi-level menu anymore. But drupal 8 has a multi-level menu structure. I am going to show you how to get back the sub menu features in bootstrap and how to render multi-level menu in the drupal 8. Just copy and paste the following css in your custom css, it has been taken from the bootstrap version 2.x with some custom changes,

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