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lightbox2 with nodes

Display nodes with Lightbox2

Lightbox a powerful module in Drupal arena., proved its mastery once again! I was involved in trying to find a way to display nodes in popup, the apparent module that struck my way was Colorbox-Node. Things looked as if it would be a cake-walk but went beyond what I thought. The Colorbox-Node holds the ability to display nodes in overlay effect, but it needs huge template and jQuery level customization.

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How to display a registration form in overlay on loading a page?

The registration form is always considered as the best way to attract the users to use the site. But the method of displaying the registration form has changed its dimension based on times and technologies. The present trend has the impact to display registration form in a overlay effect.
The overlays which holds no eminence to Drupal, can be easily used to display the registration form.
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