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validation in yii

Yii - How to enable Ajax form validation

Form validation ensures that each and every field in the form has been filled in the required way. No further prelude is required to this topic as Developers would be well aware about the purpose and function of form validations. In one of my bygone projects, I had a claim to validate a form with AJAX which I did successfully.

I found less online reference while trying to achieve the purpose, hence thought of leaving a path to others so that this can be used as a reference, The following steps should be used to validate your Yii form using AJAX.,

Creating editable table

Drupal 7 - Creating editable table with Form API


Lets think that we have a custom table to show list of records. Sometimes you might have to provide editable options for column. One simpler solution is to have a edit link and open up a form and let the user update the records. But a much more simple user experience will need inline editing of columns. Simply using theme('table') with textfields might not work since theme_table will run on the render array, your form elements will actually be rendered out to the screen, but the form won't have any knowledge of the values (as they are not technically children of the form) .

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