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RSS Feed Importers

Programmatically create and trigger feeds importer

We met with a challenging requirement where we needed to create a feeds importer on node creation of particular content type. It’s like for ‘n’ number of nodes there must be an ‘n’ number of feeds importer.

For that I created a feeds importer which will be considered as the template. Whenever the node of specific content type is created, the template will be cloned and a new importer will be created.

The following code needs to reside in hook_node_insert() and will be used to clone the feeds importer:

knackforge blog knowledge base

Create feed importer with custom module

Drupal family members would be well aware about the power of Feeds module. More than many times, thereof has served us in creating new contents with less work and time. Recently I looked the feeds module from a unseen angle, "How to create feeds importer from my custom module?".  To make my requirement clear please visit Quiz Questions Import module's page and if possible use this to get a clear picture about what this blog can do for you.

Quiz Questions Import

Quiz Questions Import for Drupal 7 released

This is a follow up of earlier blog post How import / export quiz questions to Drupal. As mentioned earlier Quiz questions import (qq_import) module is the one of the potential modules to import quiz question into Drupal from external sources. The Drupal 7 version of the same has been just released and this version includes a major architectural change from the previous release i.e. we have developed to take the advantage of Feeds module.

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