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Apache Solr

Apache Solr View Count module

While working with Apache solr in drupal, I had to sort the results based on relevancy, date, and popularity. The Apache solr sort module allowed me to sort based on relevancy and date, but sorting based on popularity wasn't available. What I mean by sorting based on popularity is that sorting based on the view count of each result.

Clean drupal modules folder

Cleanup of Drupal modules folders

Keeping your drupal modules folder very clear is important part of development. This is the common structure :

  • Contrib - modules from
  • Custom - modules developed for the specific project
  • Features - exported features for Features-driven development

This structure will give better understanding about the modules to other developers and prevent them from hacking the Drupal's contributed modules.

Caching in Drupal

Caching in Drupal

Drupal comprises several layers of execution and it obviously consumes pretty much time to render content from dynamic PHP code. Caching is a key technique to maximize the performance of Drupal. Before adopting a caching mechanism in Drupal, one must consider the type of site and the type of users coming to the site. Not all sites could have same caching mechanism.

Caching techniques could be classified at various levels depending on type of data being cached and the user affected. Drupal can have broadly two kinds of users.

wysiwyg editor

Alter WYSIWYG's form height

Once the installation of a Drupal instance is done, I guess almost 90% of the developers would first download "What You See Is What You Get".  Inline formatting, Text format options, Hyperlinks, Media and iframe support all these makes WYSIWYG a heaven to opt first after installation. No developer would have the heart to say any shortcoming in this feature rich but yet simple module, I am no exception to this too !

knackforge blog knowledge base

Make panel's title translatable

Panels provides great salvage to those lost in the sea of page partition and block placement. It might take more than one blog to completely explain all the concepts, merits and advantages of using panels module in our site. But those who use Internationalization might differ a bit with my statement ! Yes, One of the shortcomings that I noticed recently in the panel's module is its ability to deal jointly with the Internationalization.

knackforge blog knowledge base

Create feed importer with custom module

Drupal family members would be well aware about the power of Feeds module. More than many times, thereof has served us in creating new contents with less work and time. Recently I looked the feeds module from a unseen angle, "How to create feeds importer from my custom module?".  To make my requirement clear please visit Quiz Questions Import module's page and if possible use this to get a clear picture about what this blog can do for you.

knackforge blog knowledge base

Display a custom content type's field in 'Manage fields' page

Recently I had a requirement to create a custom content type. I was no new to this as I had previous such encounters. Post creation of this content type I noticed that the fields were misplaced while creating a node from the same. At first glance it looked a cakewalk shot as we are aware about the default configuration.
Considering the same, I traced to Structure->Content Type->Manage Fields(for my custom content type) to change the order of the fields. Strange to witness, my fields was not present in content type's Manage field page!
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