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How to automate backup

How to automate backup for our codebase & database

Most of the sites rely on codebase & database which we can't afford to lose. We definitely need to implement a backup procedure in that case, otherwise, we may lose our valuable data due to some kind of mishap (manually delete some data by mistake, software errors, hardware errors, server compromise, etc).

We can use the following shell script to make a backup (codebase and database).

First, let's create the backup script file:

nano /path/to/script/ 

and add the following code:

knackforge blog knowledge base

Restore database faster from SQL dump

At KnackForge, MySQL has been the primary choice of persistent backend storage. Late-off one of the Drupal sites we maintain had grown to accomodate thousands of contents. This inturn introduced the need for having a different strategy for backup. More details about the project will be shared in the follow up post. For this post I would like to share a simple configuration trick that helped us to speed the restoration process from SQL dump.

s3cmd Utility

My experience with s3cmd Utility

I came across this interesting utility to sync backup files to Amazon S3. With this utility in less than ten minutes I learned how easy it is to upload a local file to remote folder in S3 bucket.

I already had a script in place to backup the site's files and database dump. To make this script complete I needed a script/ utility to sync backup files. And s3cmd came there as a savior. I would like to share in this blog post how easy it was to install, configure and get started to make the potential use of the same. 

mysql mydumper backup

The specified directory is not a mydumper backup

This is one of the errors that annoyed me much at work lately. This happened when I had to restore a database from mydumper backup. If you are engaged in maintaining relatively big (in terms of data size) and dynamic database driven sites, you would have probably heard about this mighty db backup utility.

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