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Amazon S3 FTP

AWS S3 FTP Access using s3fs

As you might know, AWS S3 is an object-based storage, not as native as block-based storage like EBS or EFS. But S3 has its power in lifecycle management, versioning, different storage classes and many more. But at times your existing clients who are comfortable with FTP/SFTP access may not have a clean way to upload files to S3.

To cover this, we have a few libraries that interface S3 and FTP. I am going to discuss a docker image that I built using s3fs(

s3cmd Utility

My experience with s3cmd Utility

I came across this interesting utility to sync backup files to Amazon S3. With this utility in less than ten minutes I learned how easy it is to upload a local file to remote folder in S3 bucket.

I already had a script in place to backup the site's files and database dump. To make this script complete I needed a script/ utility to sync backup files. And s3cmd came there as a savior. I would like to share in this blog post how easy it was to install, configure and get started to make the potential use of the same. 


Uploading files to Amazon S3 using PHP

At KnackForge we offer hosting services to most of the sites and applications we develop. Being a small team we try to automate most of our processes, and here is an attempt to make it for backup, archive and upload to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

If you are reading this post you are probably more aware of the essence of backup. This post starts with a bit of introduction to S3 and goes along with a simple case script together with brief explanation.

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