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Ajax Autocomplete

Ajax Autocomplete Customization for Textfield in Drupal

Autocomplete is a feature for textfields in Drupal. It provides a dropdown list of matching options from the server. It is implemented through AJAX. To know how to add an autocomplete form element in Drupal visit


For customizing autocomplete we need to override the Drupal system file "misc/autocomplete.js". This can be achieved ideally in two ways:

Drupal 7 and SOLR

Drupal 7 and SOLR - autocompleting full node title

KnackForge has done a lot customizations on Drupal and SOLR integration. Earlier I wrote about Drupal-7-filtering-solr-results which covers limiting SOLR resutls. This is another work where we had to alter default apache solr autocomplete module to limit suggestions only to node titles. And other interesting challenge in it was to provide case insensitive search with case sensitive results and phrase based search.

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