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How we engage

Count on KnackForge to deliver innovative and tested solutions for your company's most challenging application development requirements. Our methods ensure on-time delivery of tested applications that perfectly aligned with your company's priorities and vision. While we match our development services with your business goals, you can free up resources to focus on your company's main mission.

Step 01.


Our KnackForge business relationship manager starts by learning your existing architecture and business requirements. He or she will work with your leaders to prioritize solutions. Then the relationship manager can create project plans for your highest priority requirements, present and finalize these plans, and begin execution.

Step 02.


The Project Lead will break the plan into milestones. In turn, these milestones help the Team Lead report back to your Business Relationship Manager and reward the team as they meet their own goals. During the design process, the Technical Lead may ask some queries and communicate the changes back to the Project Head through the Business Relationship Manager. Once the design plan has been finalized, the Relationship Manager and Development Lead will execute it.


Step 03.


As development progresses, the team will hold meetings to check progress for the daily tasks that will lead to reaching milestones. Your business representatives are welcome to attend, but you are also free to receive reports from your relationship manager. This part of the process also includes the Quality Assurance Team, Development Lead, and the Relationship Manager.

Step 04.

Delivery & Support

Your KnackForge application development team is not just available to deliver your products on schedule, we can also offer to provide your company with ongoing support. Your business relationship manager will help train your staff on the use of your new systems and report to your management.

After your business has been satisfied with the completion of one project, we can move on to repeat this process with the next priority in the development plan. If your business has changed, your business relationship manager will adjust priorities to meet your needs. If you choose, you can have one or multiple projects occurring at the same time or in sequence.

At KnackForge, we know our unique development process and top talent can offer you a competitive advantage over other outsourced development companies. When you're ready to turn your entrepreneurial ideas into software solutions, contact us to learn how we can help. In turn, we want to learn all about you.

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