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cross platform mobile app using aws service
AWS, AWS API Gateway, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, Mobile app

Cross-platform serverless app using NativeScript and AWS services

I wanted to demonstrate how easy to build a native looking cross-platform app using AWS services without actually…
Asynchronous processing with AWS API Gateway and SNS
AWS, AWS API Gateway, AWS SNS, Parallel processing

Asynchronous processing with AWS API Gateway and SNS

When you want to build an asynchronous endpoint that can receive your request and process the task(s) in the…
Amazon S3 FTP

AWS S3 FTP Access using s3fs

As you might know, AWS S3 is an object-based storage, not as native as block-based storage like EBS or EFS. But S3…
knackforge blog knowledge base
AWS API Gateway, Request mapping, VTL

AWS API Gateway - Request Response Mapping

AWS API Gateway is a very useful service to put a proxy in front of your backend API, or even have a Lambda…
Apache RewriteMap with MySQL
Apache, MySQL, RewriteMap

Apache RewriteMap with MySQL

Apache rewritemap is a wonderful addon for Apache that can directly connect to a datastore and pull data…
Restoring Removed Files Linux TestDisk
Linux Server, TestDisk, rm -rf, Ubuntu

Restoring removed files (rm -rf) in Linux with TestDisk

There are odd times where we would have accidentally deleted some important folders without having any actual…
SOLR 5 reading at lightning speed
solr 5, solr read index, solr java, lucene, solr cloud

SOLR 5 reading indexed data at a lightning speed

This blog is about reading SOLR data by directly accessing the Lucene index folder, if you are looking for normal…
Moodle Integration with Drupal
Drupal 7, Drupal planet

Drupal moodle integration

We got an interesting requirement, to integrate Drupal and Moodle (Totara actually) in order for a nice…
Solr streaming
solr, Solr 5.2, Search, Streaming Expression, Drupal planet

Solr Streaming Expressions

Solr 5.1 introduced a revolutionary Streaming API. With Solr 5.2, you get Streaming Expressions on top of it. Ever…
hook ajax in views
Drupal, AJAX, views refresh, Drupal planet

Drupal 7 - Hooking Ajax events and views refresh

Drupal has a solid Ajax interface, we can hook into the Ajax events at various places. I will explain some 5…
picture deleted automatically
Drupal 7, user picture, profile picture, picture removed, Drupal planet

Drupal user picture deleted automatically

Sometimes you could be in a fury when user picture gets deleted automatically with nothing being noticed as…
login with email
Email only, Register

Drupal - email only login

You will sometime want to restrict user to register/login using only their email addresses not username. If you…