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cross platform mobile app using aws service
AWS, AWS API Gateway, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, Mobile app

Cross-platform serverless app using NativeScript and AWS services

I wanted to demonstrate how easy to build a native looking cross-platform app using AWS services without actually…
Asynchronous processing with AWS API Gateway and SNS
AWS, AWS API Gateway, AWS SNS, Parallel processing

Asynchronous processing with AWS API Gateway and SNS

When you want to build an asynchronous endpoint that can receive your request and process the task(s) in the…
Amazon S3 FTP

AWS S3 FTP Access using s3fs

As you might know, AWS S3 is an object-based storage, not as native as block-based storage like EBS or EFS. But S3…
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AWS API Gateway, Request mapping, VTL

AWS API Gateway - Request Response Mapping

AWS API Gateway is a very useful service to put a proxy in front of your backend API, or even have a Lambda…
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Amazon Web services have N number of services, one among them is Aws Identity and Access Management(IAM). IAM…
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AWS, CDN, AmazonCloudFront, WOFF, Drupal 7

Font Awesome Woff2 failing to load from Amazon CloudFront

Prenote: Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) offered by Amazon Web Services. Content delivery…
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Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services

Advantages of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services & KnackForge

Our KnackForge relationship managers and development teams have introduced many satisfied clients to the…
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Apache, Amazon Linux AMI, Mod Security, Linux Server

How to install Apache Security Module in Amazon Linux AMI

Apache mod_security is a firewall module to prevent against SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, bad user agents,…
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Amazon Web Services, Security, Linux Server, Amazon Linux AMI

How to apply only security updates in Amazon Linux AMI

Prenote: The Amazon Linux AMI is a Linux image provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for use on Amazon EC2. It…
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Drupal, Drupal 6, cron, Drupal planet

Drupal cron-queue

Drupal cron queue is very useful while running a big cron job. It will split a big cron job into small chunks and…
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Drupal 6, Drupal, system_settings_form , Drupal planet

Drupal 6: system_settings_form

Drupal has a rich set of API to aid us in implementing custom functionalities with minimal optimized code. One…
Drupal planet, Embed, Menu

Embed Html Page with Menu Display handler in Node

Recently I have done some interesting task in my project, my client wants to embed html page into drupal node. So…